Someone Has Stolen My Dinosaur!

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Sadly last Tuesday, when moving house from Crouch End to Muswell Hill, some one stole my dinosaur.

It was the big ‘Colour Me Happy Dino‘ that was used outside of Budgen’s last year, where members of the crouch end community came to colour in a big 2m black and white outline of ‘The Dinosaur of Crouch End‘ print.

It’s a really conspicuous pieces being over 2m long and 1m high and is contained in a big Gold ornate frame.

I’m pretty sure who ever stole it is just doing it for a joke but if anyone saw it being carted through the street last Tuesday or has heard anyone talking about this piece of art thievery then please get in contact.

Any information please contact me through the website.


‘The Dinosaur of Crouch End’

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Find out where to see me up close here,

A flash of teeth! A fearsome roar!!
Behold! The crouch end dinosaur!!

His scales glistening in the sun,
Are windows, every single one,

Of buildings you may know quite well.
Which ones are they? Can you tell?

And in his jaws each fearsome tooth,
Is fashioned from a Crouch End roof.

He uses them to chew the bitter,
Bones of people who drop litter!

You see, he has great pride in these,
Fair streets that form his feet and knees.

He loves Crouch End, it is his home,
And so with gleeful heart he roams,

The length and breadth of town, and sleeps,
Among the chimney pots and keeps,

The pigeon population down,
And always keeps the clock well wound.

I hear he finds it most divine,
When people cycle up his spine,

And you may hear him whoop and wail,
When someone skateboards down his tail.

So if one day you chance to meet,
A dino walking down the street,

Give him a wave and shake his claw,
For he’s the Crouch End dinosaur.

Poem by Rachael Berry
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