Discovering ‘The Dinosaur of Crouch End’

When embarking on the adventure to try and create and bring to surface a unique and iconic piece of art that not only looked beautiful but really tried to explore the inherent beauty, community and cultural richness of the area, Jonathan Edwards had to start somewhere.

I heard that historically, lots of good ideas came to people whilst in the bath, Mr Edwards epiphany came to him whilst seeing the most phenomenal illustration of Stokes Croft in Bristol represented as a microcosm globe hung above a friends John. The seed had been planted that this illustrator could help him bring to life a piece of art that would not only visualise the local area but also have enough scope to draw in all the nooks and crannies that make up a rich local community.

First port of call was the local community itself. Having the advantage of working in one of the areas most popular restaurants, he proceeded to ask all the long time locals what made Crouch End what it was. This was noted and formed a 100+ list of places, historical events, popular culture and a bounding enthusiasm from all the people asked.

Top points to the Haringey Library network as it’s resource helped with ease to of turn these vast lists and notes into a fantastic ream of scans and historic facts about the area.

So obstacle number one “How do you convey all this information to an illustrator all those many miles away, yet still retain the knowing love and sense of character, that was so enthusiastically proclaimed for the interviewed locals?”


It’s amazing seeing how much there is to be noted around this area. Who’da thought that ‘Camberwick Green’ was at home here for a brief period of it’s creation. The list could have gone on indefinitely and if anyone would like to contribute to this resource, please feel free to add your personal notes, photos and experiences.

Bizarrely this is truly where the dinosaur started to manifest itself. When you look at all the plot points on the map, Coming up Crouch hill and to the opposite end of the apex Crouch End Hill mirrored with Tottenham Lane and Park Road… through the eyes of the artists they both started to see a Sauropod manifesting itself. And people always said it was the Ley Lines that gave Crouch End it’s mystical quality.

Sketches of buildings,

Click on the Images to see larger versions.

became outlines,  outline became anatomy,

anatomy became complete,

‘til black and white became a beautiful multicoloured manifestation of what started out as one artists wanting to visually represent the communities love for it’s home.

The icing on the cake when an email was sent through via the website with a truly brilliant poem about the nature of the beast itself submitted by fellow artist from the Isle of Wight (?!?) , the truly talented painter, Rachael Berry. How she knew the beast so well living so very far away we’ll never know but I think you’ll agree it is a an expcetional addition to it’s ever growing Beauty.

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  1. Jessi 32 weeks and you are still painting. F is for fauubols. You are amazing!!! I still can’t get over the fact that you can finger paint with all those kids. I know I would collapse with a pair of handprints on my cloths from a hug. Congrats on doing everything you’re doing at 32 weeks. I will remember that in the coming weeks when I get tired!

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